Pros and Cons of Internships

The internship is the training that a student gets in a company in return for little or no money. Such a student is referred to as an intern who works in the organization to get some hands-on work experience. This work experience proves handy in the future when this student applies for a job in another company. The internship is common and very popular among students who see it as an opportunity to gain some valuable experience in the industry. While there are obvious advantages of internships, there are some disadvantages too.

Pros of internship

  1. Invaluable experience– The biggest advantage of internship is the experience that a trainee gets. This hands on training boosts his confidence level and he finds himself ready to be absorbed in the industry at the entry level.
  2. Internship can be interesting and full of fun- As a newcomer, a student finds the experience of working as a trainee interesting and fun filled. Students receive a stipend that makes this period all the more exciting for them.
  3. Chance of getting absorbed in the company– Many students are hired by the company after their internship if their performance is satisfactory. This is a bonus for the student as he doesn’t need to apply for a job elsewhere.
  4. It provides a learning opportunity– Internship is a time during which a student gets a chance to learn many new skills. He also gets to take on responsibilities that prove helpful in his later career.
  5. Contacts in the industry– As an intern, a student not only get work experience but also a chance to meet and interact with many people in different positions. These contacts come handy for the trainee later on after internship is over.
  6. A big boost for the resume– Students having done an internship have an edge over other students in the job market as employers know they have the relevant job experience. The mention of internship in your resume works like a feather n your cap when applying for a job in the industry.

Cons of internship

  1. Little or no stipend- Many companies offer internships to students to utilize their time for their work. They give little or no stipend which is an injustice to the students.
  2. Treated as an outsider- Many companies look down upon a trainee and treat him as an outsider. The trainee is made to feel as if he is not a part of the organization which has a negative impact on the morale of the student.
  3. Given lowly jobs– Most interns are treated as students and handed over menial jobs that are of very little importance. This does not work in the interest of the intern as he does not get a chance to learn things that he really needs to.
  4. No guarantee of a job- Some students think that the organization will offer them a decent job after the completion of internship. However, they are disappointed when they only get a certificate of internship from the company and asked to leave after the internship period.
  5. Fierce competition- There is cut throat competition among students to secure internship in a company these days. This is especially the case when the writing paper organization is well known and also offering a high stipend to its interns.
  6. Internship eats up your time- As a student, you are thinking about enjoying your holidays with your friends but find that internship takes up a lot of time. In fact, you will not get any time to go on a vacation during your holidays as internship is very time consuming and lasts for more than a month.

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