Do international students get jobs in the Netherlands?

One of the main things that should be on your mind as a student is what comes after. For many, studies abroad are a great way to enrich themselves with new, different cultures and an excellent opportunity to broaden their horizons. Others yet, are more practically oriented and are looking for what the various jobs for international students could provide, once they graduate. If you’re wondering or even confused about what opportunities lie in wait when it comes to job possibilities, you’re not alone. Here are the most important things you’ll need to know about the job prospects in the Netherlands, for international students.

Working during your studies

First and foremost, the best way to get a dream career into your ideal industry is to get a foot in the door early. That’s done easiest by finding part-time work for students that fit the profile of what you’re interested in and what you’d like to be doing in the future. Across the internet, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of job listings – you’re sure to find one that will fit you just right. It’s often that you’ll see students take up part-time jobs during their studies to gain some additional monetary freedom, as well as for the sheer experience alone. Don’t miss out; there’s plenty of great work out there to be done!

International jobs

Suppose you’re studying in one of the biggest cities, with a lot of foot traffic. In that case, the number of part-time jobs in the Netherlands for international students will be astronomical. The reality is, international students are highly valuable for their different points of view and excellent knowledge of English. It can be anything from a waiter or waitress to a translator or even a consultant. The sky’s the limit with international job opportunities here if you’ve got what it takes and are persuasive, tenacious and talented.

Easy to juggle

Many people worry about the hours necessary and are worried they may be spread too thin, between the studies, social life and part-time work. The reality is, the Netherlands provides a lot of flexible jobs for students, which take into account other obligations and evolve naturally to encompass fitting schedules. So long as the work gets done appropriately, few will ever bat an eye. The work culture here is relatively relaxed, meaning there’s an outstanding work-life balance and you’ll fully be able to enjoy your time of employment.

Talent is always needed.

As an international student, you’ve already proven yourself reasonably capable of living away from your home and doing your best to pursue your studies here. That, in addition to some other credentials, will set you apart and make you a prime contender for English speaking jobs in the Netherlands. The competition may be fierce, but even then you’ve got a leg up if English is either your primary language or the one in which you study. The reality of most companies is that they’re always on the lookout for talented individuals, and you’ve already got what it takes.

Working after graduating

What opportunities await you once you graduate? Well, quite a few! Just the jobs in Amsterdam for which you’ll qualify will take days to apply for, and that’s only one city. Finding work after graduation, especially in more prominent, international companies that focus on creating a multicultural environment will be simple. After you graduate, you’ll be a skilled expert in your chosen field. Education across all of the Netherlands tends to be reasonably even. It rests at a very high point, so that’s a guarantee. You’ll be infinitely more employable than if you came from outside looking for a job. Be ready to meet multiple offers if you take the time to network and connect with other people during your studies.

We hope these tips helped!

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