How You Can Keep Your Nervous System Healthy

When you have a fully operational nervous system, it will transport messages to and from your brain without any hitch. The messages being transported will always reach their intended destination, and neither the extremities nor the brain will ever send wrong messages.

It is crucial to have a healthy nervous system. What can you do to keep your nervous system operating like a well-oiled machine? Here are some pieces of advice from Bentham open and Bentham science open on how you can keep your nervous system in perfect condition.

Protect Your Nerves with Vitamin B Supplements

Each nerve in the body has a protective coating which is known as a myelin sheath. Just like an electric cable sheath, this sheath acts as insulation for the transmitting nerve. When you have worn out myelin sheaths in your body, you may develop illnesses like Alzheimer’s. So it would be best to keep on taking vitamin B12. This vitamin is found in seafood, beef, eggs, and poultry. Additionally, you can take spinach, beets, and pomegranates, which contain folate that usually protect the nerves from chemical effects that can cause damage.

Do some Yoga and Stretching to Strengthen Your Nervous System

Usually, when a person is stressed by relationships, an arduous commute, or work, they will produce a disturbing amount of the hormone cortisol. When they are produced consistently, these hormones will affect a person’s nervous system, which will affect reflexes, memory, and concentration.

Yoga exercises are essential as they help a person engage in breathing exercises and basic relaxation techniques. This exercise can activate some parts of the nervous system responsible for heart rate and breathing. As a result, individual cortisol levels will eventually decrease. Engaging in regular yoga practice will keep your cortisol level low, improve your nervous system health, and even produce a sense of well-being.

Pursue Well-being to Improve the Health of Your Nerves

You can engage yourself in certain exercise activities that will improve the functionality of your nerves that sever your muscle areas and other peripheral parts of your body. As you increase the activities around the peripheral nervous system, you will strengthen the nerves.

You can also use herbal teas like green tea, which will stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for improving a person’s focus, problem-solving abilities, mood, and concentration. They are developed by a substance known as theanine that is found in green tea.


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