Home Learning Sessions-A Best Practice For Students

With the increase of education and exam load, students feel pressured to learn and understand the fundamentals and theories taught in their classes. Every year, when students reach to a higher class, their syllabus also get raised. Suppose, a student in Class 8 has learned about the basics of Maths principles such as geometry. In the next academic session, he has to deal with the topics of a higher level of geometry like trigonometry values and formulas, etc. The burden of education they have is not easy to overcome. There are numerous concepts which they have to learn and understand so that they could perform really well in final exams.

To make their studies simpler, students of every class should be given home learning sessions, where they will be able to cover the syllabus, taught in their schools. Here, the important part will be played by their parents, where they need to help and support them for studies. Also, parents should make sure the environment in which the child is studying should be flexible and with no disturbance. They should equally participate with their children to learn and prepare for the exam.

There is a lot of time left, when children return from school, at their home. Of course, it is required for them to involve in physical activities also, as it keeps them active, lively and healthy as well. But, apart from playing, some students spend more of their time watching TV or playing video games or some waste their time on social media activities. Getting consumed by such activities, divert their concentration from studies, resulting in poor marks. Therefore, parents should pay attention to each and every movement of their children and encourage them to study.

Since this new generation is an era of technology and children nowadays are very much attracted to them. They find it interesting to learn from educational videos and pictures. These kind of visuals are easily available online or you can download the educational apps in your mobile phone and tablets, to make those available for your children. The content of these learning materials explains the concepts so easily that students can memorize them without any difficulty. Most of the fundamentals are related to Maths and Science subjects, such as Arithmetic Progressions, Mensuration,  Newton’s Laws, Gravitational force, etc.  If parents put efforts and help their children to learn, they will do wonders in the examination.

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