Advice on Selecting an International School in Bangkok

There are many good international schools in Thailand, the best of them are usually found in the capital, Bangkok. If your family is moving to Thailand and you are planning on sending your kids to an international school, there are methods to finding the best institutions. You ultimately want your child to be happy in their surroundings and have access to quality facilities and highly trained, knowledgeable teachers.

Teaching a Range of Skills

When choosing a school, you must look for a place that builds your child’s character. There is no point in having straight A’s if you crumble in the face of setbacks. Education isn’t just about learning from books, it is about developing your character, so you are ready for whatever the world throws at you. A school should employ teachers who help students apply themselves with perseverance, diligence and integrity. When choosing an international school in Bangkok, make sure you speak to the teachers to see what you think about them.

Focus on Building Confidence

Having confidence and self-esteem is incredibly important as your child gets older. They should also believe in themselves no matter what happens in life, but this is sometimes forgotten in many international schools. The school should put a premium on projects that include:

  • Student presentations
  • Group work
  • Debates
  • Public speaking

The more times your kid is exposed to social situations, the better. They’ll get used to talking in big crowds and presenting projects to their peers. All of this work will become second nature to them as they get older.

Forming an Identity

In some schools, you find that students aren’t encouraged to form their own identity. They are sometimes pushed to take part in subjects or projects which don’t interest them. A child should have time to discover who they are and find themselves in the world. If you want your kid to be content and happy about who they are, you should look for a school that encourages individualism. The school should put an emphasis on critical thinking and freedom of opinion.

Supportive Environment

If your kids are coming from another country or moving from another school, it should be into a supportive, nurturing environment. It should be strong and community-centred, so that the kids feel like they are an important part of something, even if they’ve just arrived on campus.

More Than Just Teachers

You can have all the qualifications in the world in terms of education but still fail to reach kids the same way as others. Having a degree in education doesn’t make you a great teacher, a real teacher motivates, encourages and genuinely cares for their pupils.

It is essential to arrange a tour of the school to meet with staff members and have a look at the school’s facilities. When you are on the tour, don’t forget to ask questions that go beyond the norm. Be straightforward and don’t be afraid to make inquiries about things that matter to you. From their answers, you’ll be able to find out if the school is a good fit for your child.

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